JS Designer Project
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Short description :

JS Designer is a lightweight IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to help you designing your Web-based client-side applications.

With JS Designer, you can create widgets like :

  • buttons,
  • labels (div),
  • text, password or textarea fields,
  • radio or check boxes,
  • selectors,
  • images,

For these widgets, you can put some Javascript code for any event of your choice.

All of this just with a few mouse clicks, and from within your browser.

What you can already do with JS Designer :

Although JS Designer is still in Beta, I successfully used it already to develop two full scale applications that are now in production. So I guess there are no major bug or missing part that should prevent you to design full featured interfaces & applications as well.

Right now, the easiest way to build the rest of the application is to combine javascript encoded directly in JS Designer (for events on widgets), with javascript coded in additional ".js" files.

There are current known bugs, and short term TODOsneeded, but can all be easily bypassed (in the worst case, you'll need to check & update something manually in the DB but its structure & content are very straightforward)